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  •   home about us mission statement about mediangels press room advisory board health quality assurance mediangels oration doctors services ask a question consult a doctor video consult get blood tests done info bank knowledge center drug info blog how to use mediangels faq's contact us search home > knowledge bank > chordoma knowledge center health a-z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z     table of contents introduction classification causes & risk factors symptoms and signs diagnosis treatment complications of disease prognosis references show all       chordoma read full article by mediangels medical team india   introduction these are rare malignant tumors which are found at the spine and sometimes at the base of the skull. The tumor is of malignant variety and is considered as a rare because less than 1% of central nervous system tumors. Much as they are slow-growing, chordomas are locally aggressive and tend to infiltrate adjacent organs and tissues. This recurrence locally leads to destruction of tissue and can cause death. Sales online viagra Epidemiology as primary intracranial tumors, chordomas constitute of 0. 2% of all the cns tumors and constitute 2-4% of all primary bone neoplasms. Chordomas are known to generally occur in 3 places: intracranially at the clivus spinal axis sacrum male to female ratio is 2:1. cheap soft tab viagra Skull base tumors however tend to end up with more equal distribution in terms of sex. Reports show that chordomas affect all age groups and incidence only varies with the site.   intracranial chordomas are more common in younger age groups. Average age of occurrences: sphenoccipital is 38 years. Sacrococcygeal chordomas-56 years. buy viagra jelly Along the vertebrae is 46 years. In the united states, annual chordoma incidence is 1 in every million.   classification the histological subtypes are three: conventional or classic chondroid chordoma: these tends to be less aggressive as compared to the classic one differentiated chordoma: faster growing, mestasize and are more aggressive.   causes & risk factors the exact cause is still unknown. viagra pillen Since they are mostly sporadic tumors, causes and risk factors are unknown. viagra tablets men Rarely, however, a predisposition for chordoma may be inherited since families with other affected members have been found. In addition, families who have tuberous sclerosis as well as some types of childhood brain tumors can increase the risk of having chordoma.     symptoms and signs these symptoms develop gradually and diagnosis may take time. The location of the chordoma determines the sign and symptom. cheap soft tab viagra Chordoma that starts in the spine shows the following symptoms: numbness pain constipation impotence incontinence (poor bladder control) mobility changes(weak legs for example) if it starts at the base of the skull, these will be some of the symptoms: difficulty in swallowing headache facial pain dizziness double vision nasal obstruction nasal bleeding subarachnoid hemorrhage changes in hearing palsies chordoma in the cervical vertebrae may lead to: hoarseness of the voice dysphagia pharyngeal bleeding a professional opinion should be sought before a conclusion is made.   diagnosis your doctor will conduct a thorough physical exam and tests which will determine the stage of the condition and its severity. Tests include: biopsy: a needle biopsy is commonly advised to help figure out the precise location of the tumor. The affected cells are removed from region for microscopic examination. viagra tablets in uk Computerized tomography (ct) scans: the equipment takes many x-rays to form a 3-dimensional image of the internal structure of the body interior magnetic resonance imaging: a radiological examination to study the bones and soft tissue in depth. The exact size and position of the tumor is studied with the help of above mentioned investigations. viagra no prescription online   treatment treatment needs a multimember team approach. The team may consists of orthopedic surgeon radiation oncologist neurosurgeon treatment options are: radiation therapy:  when combined with surgery, the radiation therapy gives god results. It is used to stop growth and recurrence of tumors. what color are viagra pills This can either be given before or after surgery. Proton beam therapy is a recommended treatment. It can also be used to alleviate pain. Stereotactic radiotherapy is a,lso of a great help and also minimizes side effects of the treatment. generic viagra uk   surgery: this is the primary treatment. However surgery is a very difficult procedure as the tumor is located very close to the brain and spine and the removal of the tumor can harm the delicate structures.   chemotherapy: this is considered if surgery and radiation are impossible since progression of the chordoma is important. It is also used to when recurrence is suspected. Targeted therapies: these are the type of drug for the cancer causing molecules. This option is for very unique circumstances. These drugs inhibit signals within cancer cells hence preventing a series of reactions that lead to growth and division of the cells.   complications of disease bowel and bladder incontinence: a surgical procedure to remove tumor in the spine (resection of sacrococcygeal chordomas) can affect bowel and bladder functions. Location of the tumor determines the complications. viagra 100mg canada They are higher after radical resections during surgery than with the subtotal resections. Paralysis of one side of the body. Buy discounted viagra Poor quality of life even after the surgery. cheap soft tab viagra Morbidity: following tumor resection, post-surgery morbidity can be very mild or even sever.     prognosis chordomas appear benign but due to their erosion of bone and invasion of soft tissues, the behavior displayed usually is malignant. Location of the chordomas influences how well complete resection can be achieved. They usually grow in inaccessible regions and margins with soft tissue are poorly defined hence difficulty in complete excision. 51% of patients survive 5 years after surgery. 35% of surgery patients survive 10 years. Factors suspected to improve prognosis: supplementing w. Fotoblogs y Videoblogs
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